Thursday, February 17, 2011

When it rains it pours: The art of managing abundance

Yeah, me talking about managing!  It's an oxymoron when mentioning me and managing in the same sentence.  But, I am the perfect person to talk about managing this kind of thing!

For me, there are so many aspects of abundance in my life right now.  I have an abundance of ideas that are running through my head at a mile a minute at any given time of the day.  I have an abundance of household chores that are awaiting my attention all the time.  I have an abundance of yarn and fabric waiting to be turned into wonderful new things.  I have an abundance of projects in the works giving little shout outs periodically to get my attention.  And bestest of all I have an abundance of really wonderful blessings that pop out and smile at me at the most unexpected moments.

I know, I know, that sounds so touchy feelly, gooey, gross, but it's true.  And it does call for some real management.  This past week I've had two new orders, need to start (and finish) a baby gift, and really want to finish the vest I'm making for Oliver (and so I can post the new pattern).  Not to mention some other lovely little surprises I have in store for you (Even a little simple sewing tutorial!).  But in the middle of all that, I need to kiss my little boy, hug my husband, and notice that the funny squirrel in the backyard is precariously hanging from a branch upside down to get his share of the bird food in the feeder.

So, the tutorial will have to wait a couple of days, the baby gift will get done in the evenings, my orders will happen during naptime, and tomorrow, when the weather is supposed to be beautiful, I will take Oliver outside to play.

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