Thursday, December 30, 2010

Introducing......Me, Myself, and Molly!

Hi, my name is Molly, and I'm a proud woman, wife, mother, knitter, crafter, sewer, gardener....oh, the list can go on and on.  It is the mere existence of all these aspects of myself that makes me who I am.  I consider them my gifts; both gifts given and gifts received.  However, as with all gifts, there can sometimes be an overabundance of them vying for my attention at any given time.  It can be overwhelming, exhilarating, joyous, painful, and just plain fun, but it's never boring.

Through each stage of my life, and through each addition, I have also been creating things.  From knitted hats to original songs, my creative voice has had many opportunities to stretch and grow.  Currently, the focus is on knitted and sewn items, usually for children and of my own design.  Simple, soft, comfortable things are what I like to create, mirroring my love of simple, soft, comfortable surroundings in my home.  I love making things and could do it all the time.  But, that is where is starts to get interesting.

Have you ever cooked dinner, played with your eighteen month old, and designed knitwear in your head, all at the same time?  That's kind of what it looks like in my house on any given day.  Add in an extra kid or two over for a few hours to play and it can get awfully challenging to get an hour to sit and knit.  But, day by day, I learn how to take a moment, a breath, a thought, and turn it into food for my ravenous creative brain.  I take each of these moments and savor them while I kiss my baby boy a million times or make sure that my husband has something to eat when he gets home from his incredibly long days at the veterinary hospital where he is a doctor.  Its a balancing act, and one of which I am incredibly proud and plan to share here at mollyandollie.