Friday, February 18, 2011

First Fiber Arts Friday!!

Since I entered the world of blogging, I've been following some amazing ladies who get together in the blogisphere to talk fiber arts every Friday.  Today, I saw the question "What are you waiting for?" and I just didn't have a good answer so here's my first contribution to the fabulous Fiber Arts Friday extravaganza!:

This week has been a whirlwind of kids, cloth, and fiber.  Each project on the needles and in the sewing machine has had to take a backseat at some point during the week as some other project got some love and attention from yours truly.  Here's a little glimpse of the needle work I've been playing with:

Here's the sweater that I've been working on for a while.  You can read more about the pattern etc in this post, but I'm making some progress.  I've never knit an adult sweater before and I'm pretty excited about the prospect of having something of this magnitude in my closet!!

This is a sweater I knit for my friend Kathleen's baby Waylon James (rock star name!).  It is FINALLY getting it's honey bee buttons, though as you can see, I go one on and then had to move on to something else.  A note, the pattern for this sweater can be found in the book Natural Knits for Babies and Moms, by Louisa Harding.

I've started knitting up some samples for a little knitting workshop I'm doing at the Mama's Make It Happen event.  Admittedly, this is not a priority right now.  Ask me again in a month as the event get closer and I haven't quite finished them (lol).

A new favorite project, this little piece will eventually be a sweater vest for Oliver.  My intent is to finish this and post the pattern for February's Celebrate the Boy event here.

And last but not least, did you know that a gorgeous Merino scarf that you haven't woven ends in yet for no reason whatsoever, makes a GREAT pin cushion?  No?  Let me tell ya, awesome.


  1. Your knitting is lovely, and your Etsy store is awesome- makes me wish I still had babies around!

  2. A merino pincushion ... how decadent!

  3. Hello! Nice to have you join us on Fridays. Thanks for stopping and saying hello on my blog today. Your sweaters are very nice and I really love the felting project you posted about a while back. Looking forward to seeing your knits progress. Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  4. Yikes! How do you keep all of the projects straight? How do you choose which one to knit and when? I have so much to learn about knitting. Each project is lovely, I can see why you started all of them.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday! Thank you for sharing your adventures. I look forward to reading more of your posts.


  5. Welcome to FAF! We're happy to have you.

  6. New follower from Swap-bot. Pea-green with envy over your fiber art skills! And the fact that the Mama's conference is not totally too far away is makin my heart beat a little faster! *lol*

    Feel free to visit and follow me anytime at Back Porchervations.

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments and welcomes!

    @ Loco: sometimes mamma needs some love too!

    @ Wonder: I don't really choose so much as let myself be pulled. Unless something is super critical to finish they just kind of rotate in my hands as the feeling hits me. Sometimes it takes a long time to finish things lol!

    @ KentuckyGal: First, the fact that you are listed as male on your profile is great! Second, if you come to the mama thing you can stay here!

  8. Eek! Cute! I wish i could knit really good!!!! It must take up some time though haha!! Ichigoshortcake on swapbot! xx

  9. wow you have skills!!!

    Christin ( thehappiestprincess from Swap-bot)

  10. Sweater is lovely
    tamtamlee from follow please swap-bot following you

  11. This is so nice! I've always wanted to learn how to knit. - limetteandlove on swapbot xo

  12. great sweater i wish i could knit i just learned to crochet and i could only imagine how much work goes into kniting
    im following your blog from swap-bot

  13. new follower from swap-bot!
    Love your work & your blog!

    Love Naomi

  14. new follower from swap bot~gorgeous fiber craft!

  15. Your work is really beautiful. I look forward to seeing more.

    eveyinorbit following via swapbot

  16. Wow, look at you with all the comments! :)

    Knitting sweaters are addictive. Once you start, you won't buy store bought sweaters anymore (unless you are buying them to take apart & reuse the yarn to make your own sweater, that is!)