Wednesday, April 13, 2011

With all my good intentions

Good intentions are just that, good intentions.  And in the world of blogging, selling, business running, good intentions mean squat.  Ok, now that I have properly chastised myself, or at least indicated that chastising might be in order, we can move on to other things.

Well, kinda.

I've been invisible for days, a week, how long has it been?  And I do feel a little bad about it.  Not so much because I think that anyone is out there waiting with bated breath to read my blog (yet.  It will happen dagnabit), but more because I started this with good intentions to write at least once a week, post patterns monthly etc.  So I've decided that I need to revisit my new year's intentions which you can read about in their original form here and after they were edited the first time, here.

My tendency towards procrastination has reared  it's ugly head.  I don't hate procrastination necessarily, I just understand that it has a time and a place when it is appropriate to use.  Unfortunately, it doesn't EVER follow the rules.  So, things fall by the wayside, laziness takes over, sleep becomes paramount, oh right, that was how it happened before Oliver.  Now I can say that I've decided to spend more time with my son and that all those other things I'm involved with have to take a second seat to him.  Umm.  Right.  Lies.  All lies.

That whole new year's intention about balance?  Not happening right now.  Problem?  Heck no!  Half the battle is understanding one's weaknesses and revisiting them to do little checkups and revisions.  Balance is certainly one of my weaknesses.  I get so enthusiastic about things that I get involved in too much and then can't manage it all.  Then I throw my hands up and say, "Forget it! I'm not doing anything!".  That's where I've landed right now.  I can't say that I'm clear on how the balance that I had created will be restored, but it will, now that I'm aware that it's not happening right now!

Part of the unbalanced procrastination phase has been a halt in the production of things.  Any things.  The pattern I was to have posted for March?  Not done.  Problem? Heck no!  The front of the Oliver vest is almost done as I did finally pick it up again this weekend.  Fabulous!  One project almost complete and that pattern will be posted soooooon!  I think I'll take this check in as one that is on its way to being resolved!  Whew.

Ok, last check in.  Body care.  Weight Watchers?  Half a check.  Exercise?  Half a check.  Daily vitamins, thyroid medicine?  FULL AWESOME CHECK!!  Boy.  I think I gets some props on this one!  Not bad.  I think that I've maintained this one better than the others.  Good.  Ending on an up note:)