Friday, February 25, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday!!!

I'm a stay-at-home mom, but Fridays are still super special.  I get to go work at Mr. Food in the evening (all by myself!), and it means that tomorrow is family time, and the next day is family time!!!  It's nice to anticipate.

I also love Fridays these days because it gives me an excuse to focus in on my fiber projects and think about them, and touch them, and love them up as I play with all the artists who participate in Fiber Arts Friday (Which you can find over at Wisdom Begins in Wonder).  This is particularly enjoyable when I have not a motivation filled week or have been focusing on other projects!  Today is one of those days so I am fully prepared to love up my knitting projects with a gentle love filled vengeance!

So, Dave helped me wake up this morning to a grey, wet day:

But, look!  Warm cozy fire blazing away...

...and the projects awaiting!  Note: this is my semi-nonfunctional storage system in the living room.  I like to have my projects handy but have to keep them IN things to discourage boys and dogs from exploring.  This is what I've been driven to :).  Oh, and that gorgeous painting?  My friend Amye Austin did that when we were in college.  She's amazing huh?  You can find her invitation and stationary design website here.  It's under construction, but promises to be lovely!

Ok, back to Fibers!  Now, I've set the scene, but we need to take one more thing into account before I toddle off to play!  Where is Oliver???

Sweet boy.  I love him.  But, I'm also glad he's sleeping!  So off to choose a snuggle up on the couch project to share my morning coffee with...And the winner is....

The little baby hat I'm having so much fun designing!!  This is for my friend Kathleen who ordered it for a friend of hers who is having a baby.  Her shower is in a few weeks and I need to have this done by next weekend when I will see Ms. Kathleen (hooray).  I'm attempting to do three colors in vertical stripes wrapping around bebe's head into a little teeny tassel.  We'll see how it goes.  Carrying all that yarn around might be too bulky as I get more into the project.  No Problem though!  Starting over is quite common in my world and when I'm designing it's all good.  I get to learn from each of my attempts and my planning gets better and better with each project.  MMMMMMmmm.  I love knitting.

Happy Fibering everyone!!


  1. Cool idea for that hat! I can't wait to see the finished product!
    Here is a thought about keeping all the different colored yarns from getting in each others' bizness while you're working with them - put each ball in its own plastic baggie, close it up, and draw the yarn through a hole in the baggie. Though I'm sure that you have solutions for such things, as you are the Knitting Goddess.
    Keep up the great stuff! xo

  2. I'm always amazed by you young Mamas who effortlessly combine being a partner and mother with fiber art and blogging!!! I certainly never could have managed all of that when my girls were small!! don't worry too much about the mess. It will ultimately resolve itself. Believe me, there will come a time when you'll wish they still wanted to 'explore' your world! XXO-

  3. You know what would give you lots more fiber arts time?....Sending oliver to me :) :) :) :)

  4. you know what else is wonderful???? That Mom, ie Molly's mom and Oliver's grandmom, is finally doing fiber stuff too...and Molly's encouragement and friend Carol's proclivity, which she shares with Molly, to delve into every technique and the actually PRODUCE.....are so helpful to one who heretofore has just dabbled. Ok, maybe not quite true, but sometimes it feels that way.
    Keep up the good work, all you ladies, young and old'er.

  5. Where's Oliver could officially be my new favorite game. What a cutie.

  6. Lovely stove- the perfect antidote to a grey day. The hat sounds cute, can't wait to see it finished

  7. I love your where's Ollie picture. I lvoe knitting too and wish I had more time but love when I get to sit down and knit!

  8. I hope you're having lots of lovely family time this weekend. Good luck with your hat design! I think the willingness to stop and start over as needed is key to doing good designs.

  9. This is something I know nothing about. I hope you will link up again with more fiber posts because I am definitely intrigued.
    Thanks for sharing this on Motivated Monday at BEColorful.
    I do love that painting too btw.

  10. it's nice to see the patio dan and i made for you! great blog, too, by the way - inspires me to make more time to create things! and i'd be happy to be a test knitter... ;)