Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthdays rock! (and other sides of the coin)

Today is Oliver's birthday.  He's two.  Mommy is both excited and a little teary at the idea of her baby being two.

It's actually kind of funny to me that today I'm going to get all emotional about Oliver getting big.  Just because it's his birthday.  But what about all the days where he really is different and bigger and more grown up?  Aren't those the days and the moments when I should be getting worked up?  Trust me, I do.  But birthdays are like that, kinda like New Years; they're a milestone which just screams emotion and reflection.

This weekend was full of fun, celebration, and watching our son being the essence of who he is in the midst of a party atmosphere.  It started Saturday night as we prepared to hang out with Oliver's fellow two year olds on Sunday.  Well, almost all of them, Cooper couldn't come this weekend, so we get to have another celebration next week!  But, this week we got to hang with Maybelle and Owen so we had to make some presents for them.  Thank goodness MomMom was here with the brilliant idea of making chain necklaces:

And helping with body painting!  She said that it didn't take much to remember how to be silly.  I couldn't agree more.  Two year olds have a way of drawing you into their world of joy and amazement.  Next time you're with one, go with it, it's fun!

Sunday morning, Oliver and Dada put together the new kitchen.  This was a moment that mommy kinda got a little teary.  Oliver actually used the allen wrench by himself.  It was amazing to watch him think it through (just like his daddy) and then make his body do what he wanted.  He's gonna be an engineer (just like his uncle and popop)

While putting it together was fun, playing with it was even better!

The necklaces were a hit!  Thank goodness we thought to make an extra for Oliver!

Maybelle had made "TWO" headbands so the kids were really dressed up all fancy!


And then ending the day with dinner and Carol's hat which we insisted on wearing.

All in all, a great weekend.  Today we get to open the presents from Nana and Popop, Grammy and Grampy, and Grammy Rose and Grampy Gordon.  Happy Birthday OLIVER!!!


  1. happy Birthday Oliver!! And Happy birthing day celebration for you to Mommy!!

    how beautiful it is to watch our children reach milestones. to see them grow in love and light and peace.

    so happy for all of you Molly, Dave and Oliver!

  2. Happy birthday Oliver!! Body painting, what fun!!

  3. a very happy birthday oliver sounds like you had a packed weekend celebrating the big 2

  4. happy happy birthday oliver (and mama, and papa! --- oh, and dot, and penny, and nougat, and kitten!)

  5. Thanks for sharing your wonderful party. Two is the top!

  6. Awe! Happy Birthday, Ollie! 2 is big big big!

    Love the kitchen! Where is it from?