Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions (Molly Style)

So, I've never been one for resolutions; at least not at the new year.  I prefer to use the phrase "setting an intention".  It sounds so much more powerful when I say that.  I feel like rather than depriving myself of something, I'm choosing to bring something new and better into my life.  "Setting an intention", also seems like it honors the possibility that my focus may need to change or grow as things happen.  It allows flexibility and movement rather than hard rules and fixation.

Skip to New Year's Day 2011 and I'm feeling the motivation.  Feeling the pull of shifting gears and starting fresh.  Feeling the thrill of possibly, actually, maybe, being more of the person I want to be!  But, balance being my current major goal, I need to fit this in with what's realistic, doable, and FUN!  So here goes nothing.  Molly's "intentions" for 2011:

     First and foremost: continue striving for balance between family, self, work, and friends.

     Second: Create!!!!!  To this end, the game will be as follows:

       Each week design one new item.  Be it a hat, gloves, sweater, whatever.  The design must be complete and written by the end of the week.  The actual project need not be totally complete (this to take into account the reality of having an almost 2 year old in the house-ahhhh my first balancing act for the year) but must be complete in its conceptualization. (Anyone want to be a test knitter? let me know!)

     Third though probably not last: Take care of my body.  It deserves it.  Now I can try to find the joy in loving it up to make it stronger, leaner, and better able to keep up with my life!

And that's it. Three major intentions in the making.  I think I'll head off to start the first weeks project!  Beret Hat here I come!

Just for kicks: 

Here's how we ended the year yesterday.  Finishing Oliver's sweater with Oliver in my lap!  whew.

here's the finished project (not a bad way to end the year!)

In it's entirety

The ridiculously cute piggy buttons

And Oliver modeling it!


  1. I like how this puts you in a very nice position to have a great year! Looking forward to seeing this manifest!

  2. the piggy buttons are ridiculously cute!