Saturday, January 22, 2011

All Hail the Potty Training Fairy! (And a shout out to wool trainers)

Yes, it's true!  The potty training fairy has been visiting our house this week ALOT!  I don't think I can express just how awesome it is to watch your not-even-two-year-old going potty all by himself, taking it to the bathroom to empty it, and saying peepee potty the whole time.  On a fibers note, my friend Jesse came up with a great system for keeping pee off of the floor while still allowing the sensation of wetness to be present.  Here's how it goes:

1.  Buy the most Awesome underpants (marching through the store shouting "underpants are awesome!!" is optional but highly recommended as it is FUN) and wash them.

2.  Put said underpants on your little potty trainee.

3.  Teach said potty trainee to remove underpants.

4.  Put on a pair of your favorite wool longies or shorties over the underpants.

Now, little one can have an "accident" without your rugs having to bear the brunt of the result.  This is also wonderful for those first trips out of the house with no diaper.

Here's some longies and shorties that I've knit or made out of upcycled sweaters:

sick day and off white super soft longies

reversible shorties I knit out of Noro

My favorite longies last and SOFT!

I should note that our favorite mode these days is to wear socks, shirt, and one of mamma's hats and nothing else.  It's just easier you know!  I'd love to post pics, but that might be a little inappropriate!


  1. just for the record, i would not be opposed to the aforementioned pictures :)