Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year's Intentions (Resolutions) - Revised and Updated

So.  I was quite gungho (sp?) last week when I designed and described my intentions/resolutions for the new year.  Well, it's already time for an update and some much need revision.  So here goes:

1.  Balance.  This one is actually going quite well, and as a result, so well in fact that revisions are necessary as a result.  I've balanced the books, spent time with my hubby, spent time with my son, knit, slept, cleaned, sewn, rested, read, kept the woodstove going, gone for walks...and all without losing my mind!  Not bad for the first week.  The next challenge here is to manage some new project ideas without losing my ability to be with my family and home!

2.  Designing.  So here is where we must revise a little.  Who on earth did I think I was when I decided that a design a week was even remotely possible?  I've never been that prolific, even when I'm being prolific!  SO!  I am hereby revising the plan!  What, giving up, you say?  No, not even close...I'm just making an informed, intelligent decision based on my extensive knowledge of the participant, to change the rules.  Heck, they're my rules.  Each MONTH will be the goal for my design production as a result.  That way, I have time to knit and design the way I work best; off the cuff and as it happens.  I will still have a completed pattern to post, but only one per month.  Ahhh, balance.

3.  Body Care.  Actually, this is going swimmingly!  I re-joined Weight Watchers and started using friend Kimberly's treadmill (check out Kimberly at her blog:  I'm feeling energized, in control, and quite happy at the prospect of shedding a little unnecessary bits of me!

All in all, overall, and all for one, I'm feeling pretty optimistic about the year ahead.  Good people abound, good ideas for doing are being formed, and my family is healthy and happy.  What more could I want except free babysitting?


  1. I think you are right on the money! And quite in tune with what is happening around you... thus, making changes are simply part on the refinement of life. The end product results in equal measures of peace, love and happiness. Congratulations on your achievements so far! Onward and upward!

  2. kimberely had a treadmill?! what the?

    hey I'm joining the KU gym - it's open to alumni if you are interested. and they have a big (and clean) jacuzzi!!

  3. Yes she did, can you believe it?! I would love to go up there, but what to do with sir Oliver?