Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Muffin Making with My Muffin

It's been one hell of a week since I last posted.  I have been feeling the season of now-it's-spring oh wait no now-it's-not.  Motivation has escaped me and my projects have lapsed.  No problem.  I've allowed the lapse, and tried to be sensitive to whatever it is that my body and spirit are asking for in the moment.  It's led to some interesting thoughts about what I'm working on.  Buuut, since those thoughts aren't complete yet I'll spare you the blabbing.

So while all of that has been going on inside of Molly, Ollie has been feeling his two year old oats.  He is adamant that "Oliver do it" for 99.9% of the activities in which we engage in a day.  So, time to carry breakfast to the table?  "Oliver do it."  Time to go to dance class and get our shoes on?  "Oliver do it." (Note: he can't do it without help which is unacceptable).  Time to put peanut butter on the bread? "Oliver do it."  You get the idea.  Much of the time, this is all said in a demanding, very loud, very upset voice.  So we spend a lot of our day making sure that he is feeling capable and 'big guyish'.

So today, in a super mom moment (they don't happen very often), when cranky-no-nap-2-year-old was about to lose his marbles I turned it around with one simple activity.  Banana Muffins!!!! (I appologize for some of pictures, they were taken with my Iphone and aren't super great)

So first we had to mash the bananas:

He did this by himself with a fork and his fingers while I mixed the dry ingredients and melted the coconut oil.

and stirred the bananas...

Then we added the eggs and oil and mixed and mixed and mixed...

He took care of putting all the little cups in the muffin pans and then I filled them.  He even handed me the full pans to put in the oven.

Gorgeous muffins!!

And the joy of getting to pick one...

And voila!  Delicious!!

He even took some papers and the small muffin pan and made lots and lots of muffins all by himself!

Super fun, Super messy, Super mom, Super Two Year Old!!!!!!!

PS These are sweetener free muffins that actually taste great.  The recipe is from a cookbook called Wholesome Sugarfree cooking by Ray and Malinda Yutzy.  Some of the recipes call for honey, stevia, molasses, and some like this one called for nothing.  Since Oliver loves muffins, these are a tasty way to let him have them without all the sugar.  Oh, they also have raisins, oatmeal, and are made with whole wheat flour...can't even stand it!  Next time I'll add a little pineapple for a little tang and extra sweet.  Mmmmm, better get baking!


  1. Love!!!!! What a great post--he looks truly helpful in the kitchen. I hope he doesn't replace me for Christmas morning breakfast :) We can put him on muffin duty.

  2. What a great way to turn a meltdown moment into a fun and memorable time. Your little guy looks like he's loving every second of the muffin making experience. I will have to steal this super mom idea for when mine is up and about again.

  3. Fun! We bake a lot because Henry loves to help and I love to eat baked goods.

  4. Personally I think your a super (or Awesome!) mom everyday. but muffins what a great idea! esp. for 'oliver do it'. Great job!

  5. Jessie: never!! Your post can only be filled by YOU!

    Autumn: have fun!

    Laura: yes, the eating really is the best part!

    bff4bb2a: Thank you so much! Wish I knew who you were so I could hug you!