Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday, Funday, Funkday

Oh Friday!  I remember years ago when you were a welcome sign of the pleasures to come.  Now, you're just another day.  Another day to do laundry, run errands, argue with the two year old about the benefits of a nap (NOTE: I don't actually argue, I tell him to sleep well and close the door.  He then chooses to argue at the top of his lungs until he falls asleep out of utter exhaustion.) and then go to work after all that.  Bleh.  Not nearly as exciting as the end of the work week used to be.

Today, however, we tried something new.  Normally on a Friday, we can't go to the pool because I have to work and nap time usually goes to late to go to the pool after.  Seeing how our local pool does not open until noon, we don't have much choice.  Well, today Oliver and I decided that that was ridiculous, and that we just wanted to go swimming.  So, we had a little lunch and headed over for a pre-nap swim!  What an awesome idea!!  And the nap time ritual argument was a LOT shorter today.  Maybe, maybe, maybe, we have a new thing to help make Fridays more exciting!

For now, feeling better, I'm off to do some more of that endless laundry!  Happy Friday, Happy Canada Day, Happy 4th of July people!

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  1. Pre-nap pool sounds awesome! Good work mama